CEO Groups
Join one of Focus Point's private and secure CEO Groups to get the straight-forward advice you need to make critical business decisions from fellow CEO's who been through the fire. more...

Emerging Leader Program
Let Focus Point help in developing the potential of your key managers. Our Emerging Leader Program works with your key managers to improve and strengthen their management skills. more...

Executive Coaching
Individual Focus Point coaching helps CEO's and managers push past obstacles and implement new plans and strategies for success.

Strategic Business Planning
The structured Focus Point Business Improvement Process produces breakthrough results. Your executive team will emerge with newly aligned goals and priorities, improved team accountability and disciplined plan implementation.

Organizational Consulting
Focus Point's organizational consulting gets to the bottom of your core business issues. Our extensive experience helps you develop effective solutions for your most pressing business challenges.

Whether with customers, suppliers or employees, executives and managers spend a great deal of time in negotiation—and those who prepare best, do best. Research proves it. more...