Introducing the Emerging Leader Program

A revolutionary new method to build key talent and ensure your company's future success.

What's the key ingredient for business success? Having loyal, trustworthy managers with real leadership skills, who care as much about your company's success as you do.

Unfortunately, small and mid-size companies often lack the resources to help aspiring managers fulfill their leadership potential. Most business owners intend to provide mentoring and coaching to star managers... but simply don't have the time.

The Challenge

If left unresolved, this dilemma can lead to serious business consequences. Your key employees could be lured away by the competition. Morale and enthusiasm for their job could begin to wane.

The Solution

To help you build a solid management team as the foundation for future growth and profitability Focus Point Consulting has developed the...

Emerging Leader Program

The Emerging Leader Program is designed for small and mid-sized companies who are committed to strengthening their management team and to accelerating improvement in their organization.

Program Objective: Provide the next generation of leaders the skills and understanding necessary to contribute to business management and leadership at the highest level.

Who Must Attend: Your key employees who have the potential to move into positions of increasing responsibility, including general management and ownership.

How it Works: Participants attend a half- day meeting once a month where they'll receive small group training and presentations by management and leadership experts. Every other meeting will feature smaller learning groups where individual implementation issues , best practices and problem-solving will be explored.

A Unique, Comprehensive Learning Approach

The Emerging Leader Program is the only internal management training program that offers so much personalized hands on training and coaching. To help you quickly achieve your business objectives the program features:

  • Personalized Development Objectives
  • Emerging leader resource notebook
  • Regular speaker and workshop presentations - a focused curriculum
  • Small, intact learning groups lead by a Focus Point group leader
  • Leaders Bookshelf
  • Selective learning assignments to accelerate the application of concepts

Here's Just a Sample of What the Program Covers

Maximizing Personal Effectiveness
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Understanding what the boss wants
  • Organization and time management
  • Using technology
Financial/Business Literacy
  • Financial statements and how to use them
  • Key financial indicators and ratios
  • Business life cycles and growing pains
Working With and Through Others
  • Negotiation and conflict resolutions skills
  • Coaching: best practices
  • Delegation
  • Performance management
Essential Marketing Skills
  • Attract and retain quality customers
  • Outperform the competition
  • Build a sustainable network of contacts
Sales and Sales Leadership
  • Innovative sales management practices
  • Sales compensation plans
  • Measuring results
Building a "Customer Mindset" throughout your organization
  • Thinking like a customer
  • Develop an external focus
  • Create a high-performance team
Planning and Goal Setting
  • Strategic business planning
  • Implementing goals and plans
  • Managing change and innovation
Hiring and Retaining Winners
  • Success profiles
  • Performance-based interviewing
  • Company culture as a competitive advantage
Communication Tools
  • Influencing others
  • The written word: Best practices and pitfalls
  • Making great presentations
Working with Groups
  • Developing high performance teams
  • Effective meetings
  • Innovation and creative thinking
Enroll Your Key Managers Today
  • Length of program: 24 months; 1/2 day per month
  • Cost: Call for personalized quote and R.O.I. assessment
  • Individual profile and assessment; personal development plan
  • Twelve interactive workshops and speaker presentations
  • Twelve follow-up small learning group sessions
  • All resource materials, including Emerging Leader Notebook
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