Exclusive Focus Point CEO Groups

improve financial performance and

resolve difficult business challenges.

What Is a Focus Point CEO Group?
A Focus Point CEO Group is an exclusive, private and moderated gathering of 8-12 diverse CEO's, Presidents and company owners. The purpose of these exclusive groups is to help each participant get:

  • Candid, straightforward and practical advice from business leaders with similar perspectives.
  • Individual coaching from highly trained professional advisors.
  • Private presentations on key business and management issues by leading experts.

How It Works
Each CEO Group is comprised of business leaders with diverse backgrounds and business experience. The meetings are moderated by a professional chairperson who focuses the discussion on:

  • How to resolve current business problems.
  • How to capitalize and develop emerging opportunities.
  • How to manage growth and build strong teams.

In addition each group member receives individual coaching from the group chairperson. This helps each group member better implement and assimilate strategies taken from the group meeting.


As a Focus Point CEO Group participant, you can expect to see rapid and dramatic business results. In addition to a deeper sense of confidence and security, you'll come away with:

  • Proven ideas and strategies to resolve your toughest business challenges.
  • Enhanced leadership skills and perspectives.
  • Strategies to improve financial performance.
  • A broader network of high-level professionals.
  • And a deeper sense of satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

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